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With over 30 years of industry-leading experience manufacturing beautiful metal roofing systems for homes and other buildings, nothing makes us happier than when our products are used on a church. We believe that durable and energy efficient roofing makes good sense for churches and hope that you will agree. Please consider the following benefits:

Classic Metal Roofing Systems Benefits

  • Flexible Finances. Choosing a lifetime roofing solution allows churches to focus their resources on ministry rather than ongoing roof maintenance.
  • Energy Efficiency. Metal’s inherent heat reflectivity can cut building cooling costs by up to 20% and even more in some cases. And, if your church does not have air conditioning, it will just stay much more comfortable beneath a reflective metal roof.
  • Curb Appeal. A Classic Metal Roof will provide a significant aesthetic upgrade to your church, gaining attention from your community.
  • Low Weight. Metal is by far the lowest weight roofing solution; this is especially ideal for cathedral rooflines and aging structures.
  • Unique Solutions. Classic Metal Roofs can be customized to solve ventilation issues in many existing structures to increase efficiency and building performance including the elimination of dangerous moisture buildup.
  • Hail Resistant. All of our roofing systems have received the Class IV UL 2218 rating for hail resistance—protecting the integrity of your facilities.
  • Wind Resistant. Each Classic Metal Roof is warranted to withstand 120 mph winds.
  • Fire Safety. Metal roofs have been proven to prevent the spread of fires. Windblown embers from forest fires do not pose a threat to a metal roof; and metal roofs prevent the spread of a fire across a facility.
church with brown metal roof
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